An IPIX is an interactive, spherical image offering users a complete field of view, from earth to sky, floor to ceiling, horizon to horizon. Never before has a technology so thoroughly captured the way we see the world with our own eyes.

How Is An IPIX created?
An IPIX is created from two opposing photographs captured by a fisheye lens. Our patented technology remaps the images, seaming them into an immersive whole. IPIX can then be linked together, linked to traditional photographs and renderings, enhanced with audio or other types of files, or incorporated into other development environments.

How Do I View An IPIX?
To immerse yourself in an IPIX, you must first install the
IPIX Viewer Plug-in, available free from this site. Download the software once and start getting the whole picture immediately.

IPIX Resolution Options
There are several file size options for creating IPIX. Open these sample IPIX to compare the visual and download difference between file sizes. Keep in mind, there are two variables which are under your control only, your connection speed and the resolution of your monitor.

Quick View:
Great for zippy downloads and industrial/mass production purposes. Average file size varies between 20K-90K.
Standard IPIX:
The perfect IPIX for any season. Short download and high quality resolution. Average file size varies between 180K-280K.
IPIX with the highest resolution and best detail. Imperative for your product display and multimedia presentations. Average file size varies between 450K-2MB.

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