VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is a file format that defines layout and content of a 3D world with links to more information in other pieces of Web content. It allows information to be easily represented in an interactive 3D world and gives you a natural way to organize information like you do it in the real life.

VRML is scalable across platforms and bandwidth efficient. Beautiful, interactive 3D worlds can be described in files that are similar in size to HTML pages - much smaller than media-files (textures, video, sounds, etc) which are included in these words.

VRML can be combined with other technologies - like Java, for example - this gives its worlds even more possibilities to be pretty look and more interactivity.

How Do I View a VRML World ?

To immerse yourself in an VRML World, you must first install one of the VRML plug-ins compliant with VRML 2.0, for example WorldView 2.0 (by Intervista) or GLView (by Blaxxun). Download the software once and start enjoying the VRML worlds immediately.

Most Web browsers come with a standard VRML browser Plug-in, though these "standard" plug-ins are currently only partial VRML 2.0, so you will not be able to investigate all possibilities of a new interactive 3D worlds.

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