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Virtual Walcthrough or Pearls of Flanders
Flanders Technology International (F.T.I.), Mechelen (Belgium)
19 April 1999

This high end VR was prepared for the F.T.I. Technoland exhibition that took place in Ghent (Belgium) at 19-25 April 1999. Since the visitors of the exhibition appreciated this virtual walkthrough through 6 cities of Flanders, it will be shown on the permanent exhibition in Technopolis. Historical centers of 6 cities were reproduced: Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Brugge, Leuven, and Hasselt. Each of them is a real-time 3D experience with full immersion in the center of the old city: square and adjacent streets. You can slide through the streets with the aid of a joystick or keyboard, exploring the picturesque old buildings. All facades, sculptures, fountains are reproduced with high fidelity, with love to the national heritage. Though so many details in the scene, the movement is smooth due to unique performance: 25 frames per second on a PII-300 with accelerator card. For the exhibition these virtual experiences were organized in a way to give the user the feeling of being really in these cities – they were shown on three 2.5x3 meters, screens (150°) placed in front of the visitor. To provide the high correspondence of models to real cities more than 2000 digital photos have been made. They were converted into more than 5500 textures to cover polygonal models. The aerial photos were used to provide exactness of the building's lay-out. A team of 12 artists and modelers worked furiously to finish all six models in 1.5 months to be in time to present it in Gent.

Mucha Más Vida
MuchaMasVida Nature's, Spain - June 1, 2001

Nature always amazing and of great people interest is a central theme of our next three projects. All of them are the parts of a global portal devoted to the nature. Mucha Más Vida (or Much More Life) was created to organize huge on-line community for numerous nature lovers of all ages and places of residence. Mixed educational and entertainment aspects of the portal allow a lot of activities: you can play games that required knowledge of nature questions, publish your experience regarding the nature, study different issues of Biology, Geology, Veterinary, Botanic and Gardening, etc. and many others.

M/Y choice
Nitroclassic inc.,The United Kingdom - May 25,2000

This nice boat was old Scottish trawler once but after converting it was turned into such splendid yacht "M/Y CHOICE" and now it is the ideal place for over than 100 people at corporate entertainment, cocktail parties and any event that requires an unforgettable venue.

Foresight Institute Website Redesign
Foresight Institute, Los Altos, CA, USA - November 1997

E-spaces redesigned website of the Foresight Institute. The site comprises a large set of Foresight publications and online versions of seminal Nanotechnology books 'Engines of Creation' and 'Unbounding the Future'.

'Unbounding the Future'
Foresight Institute, Los Altos, CA, USA - July 1997

This is the web version of one of K. Eric Drexler's books about nanotechnology. Depending on your taste and your browser, you can select one of two ways to access the same content. The first variant is straightforward, with a minimal amount of graphics, designed in a traditional "conservative" style. The second variant has rich graphic and interactive animated elements which have been created by means of Javascript. It has a book-like interface implemented by means of frames.

Tandem One Step Beyond Website
Tandem, Cupertino, California, USA - January-February 1997

In the winter of '96-'97 a polar expedition was organized by Tandem One Step Beyond. Its aim was to promote global co-operation through an expedition to Antarctica, celebrating 50 years of UNESCO. Throughout the expedition E-spaces busily produced, updated and enlarged the website devoted to this journey.

DHL Brussels' Hub
DHL Courier Service, Brussels, Belgium - 1998

IPIX images of the key points in the DHL Hub in Brussels. A series of images will be created to give an overview of different important stages in the handling of the documents.

Planet Hollywood
Tandem, Cupertino, California, USA - September 1996

Produced for Tandem, which was involved at the time in a multi-lateral negotiation to create an on-line presence for the chain of Planet Hollywood restaurants. We produced this 'singing & dancing' thought piece to help them show the consortium what a Hollywood-themed 3D on-line chat space could look like. Realised in Virtual Home Space Builder.

Tandem Street
Tandem, Cupertino, California, USA - February 1996

This world started life as 'InfoCalle', which is Spanish for 'InfoStreet'. The whole idea was to create a space that would promote, introduce, make more attractive and facilitate the access to Telefonica's Internet gateway: InfoVia. Later it was converted to fit Tandem's purposes: i.e. an integrated demonstration showing a variety of 3D fronts for various businesses. Realised in Virtual Home Space Builder.

CD shop
Marketing prototype, In-house - February 1996

A 3D interactive CD store replete with hotlinks to on-line information about the singers, bands and albums... as well as the inevitable 'teaser'/'taster' sound-clips to sample the offering. Realised in Virtual Home Space Builder.

On-Line Bank
Marketing prototype, In-house - February 1996

We made this demo to impress upon an executive of a large Spanish IT-shop how graphically and experientally rich as well as intuitive and user-friendly a 3D on-line bank could be made to be. Realised in Virtual Home Space Builder.

Citizens' Plaza (Phase I)
European Commission Directorate General XV, Brussels, Europe (Belgium) - May 1997

This project was realized in the context of the large scale 'Citizens First' community action executed by the European Commission Directorate General XV. The present project is the first phase -of two so far- of the 3D 'Citizens' Plaza' project.

Human Body Animation
Canadian Broadcast Corparation, Canada - December 18,2000

Human body animation was created by E-spaces for the film that was shown in February 2001 in USA and Canada. It was dedicated to the medicine of the Future and this reel demonstrates its (future) capabilities. The movie represents invention, which most probably will appear hereafter - full body 3D scanner. The idea is to scan human body and view its physical state and internal.

3D visualisation for 'Technocalyps'
Itinera films , Belgium - 16 October 1999

Some animated sequences produced for the TV documentary "Technocalyps". The customer of this project - Itinera Films - desired to illustrate a number of philosophical metaphores included in the documentary. Most of them touches the way of human and humanity developing from Ape to the Noosphere. Computer graphics is most appropritae way to visualize such kind of things.

3D visualisation for 'Xscape'
Capitals&Regionals , Belgium - 21 June 1999

The number of computer graphic sequences were prepared for presentation video for the Xscape center. It is a huge construction that is being built in Milton Keynes, The United Kingdom. Under its roof the big snow slope will be prepared for everybody who wants to enjoy slalom, freestyle and other mountain-skiings the whole year round. Restaurants, cafes, health club and the whole row of shops will meet visitors as well.

Architectural visualisation
D-MAX studio, 22 February 1999

Archi is a 3D project, done by E-spaces in collaboration with D-MAX, specialized in 3D animation. E-spaces delivered the 3D geometry for architectural visualisation of 6 sites. Those models have been used in a real video footage of future buildings. The 3D models are made in Broadcast Quality Computer Graphics.

3D Animations for 'Machines Alive'
Interworld Productions, LLC Seattle, Washington - 18 December 1998

Selected sequences produced for 'Machines Alive', an international TV documentary about nanotechnology, produced by Interworld Productions, LLC (Seattle, Washington).

Virtual Aalburg
Tandem VR Competence Center, Brussels, Belgium - May 1997

The Virtual Town Hall of Aalburg is a first step in a programme by the Dutch government called OverheidsLoket 2000 (OL2000), 'Government counter 2000'. It's aim is to offer citizens a highly user-friendly interface to networked information systems giving access to municipal services such as housing, public transport, public health service and assistance, etc. The Virtual Town Hall of Aalburg is a 3D entry or 'menu', if you like, to the more conventional 2D contents of the information system.

Lingerie Boutique Gazelle
Marketing prototype, In-house - 1996

A demo of what the ideal on-line lingerie boutique should and could be. More marketing thought has gone into this than meets the eye: beyond catering to men for the obvious reasons, the design is interesting for women too because of the ingenious way in which they can virtually 'try on' the articles. Beyond that it would lower the threshold of the real-world equivalent for the shyer men among us looking to please their ladies too...

Telefonica, Madrid, Spain - December 1996 (Spanish version), February 1997 (English version)

The TELETIENDA (Teleshop) is a project for the Spanish national telco Telefónica, a part of their Telespacio (Telespace) campaign. The Teletienda is a literal 3D reproduction created with the use of Macromedia Director and Shockwave technology of one of Telefonica's physical shops, and it features all the contents of the real thing.

Tandem, Cupertino, California, USA - June 1996

MILENA was one of the world's very first Internet-based 3D chat environments. Launched in October 1995, MILENA enabled users to text-chat in real time while navigating four 3D spaces inspired by the nightlife of Madrid.

Ericsson Business Networks, Stockholm, Sweden - 1993

Our very first televirtuality prototype of our vision for a highly user-friendly interface to on-line commerce and the presence of companies in 3D cyberspace. It dates back to mid-1993, actually, which is long before there ever was any talk of VRML etc.

Aircraft Landing Pilot's Trainer
St Petersburg Pulkovo Airport, St Petersburg, Russia - 1994

Developed in 1994 for Pulkovo airport training center, the software visualization system aimed at highly realistic rendering of virtual airport environment with diverse weather/light conditions: fog, night, snow.

SmallCaptain Marine Trainer
Transas Marine Co, St Petersburg, Russia - 1994

SmallCaptain is a software package for real time rendering of complex maritime environment: harbour landscapes, port buildings, lighthouses, buoys, etc. It is used together with a ship dynamics simulator.

TGV visualization
Flanders Technology International (F.T.I.), Mechelen (Belgium) - December 23, 1999

'Train à grande vitesse' (Train with high speed) was done for Electrabel, one of the Technopolis partners. Tractebel Energy Engineering was the project coordinator during the whole production period. TGV is a train simulation, for witch the Unreal 3D engine was used. Two tracks (each 2 km length) were created for the virtual presentation of train moving in a typical Belgian landscape at sunset. A camera is circling around the locomotive showing the locomotive and a part of the first carriage of the train, which is moving at a speed of 100 till 350 km/hour. The special light effects create the impression of the sunset time. Gorgeous red-blue clouds, the orange horizon and lit lamps along the track help to get the atmosphere of the 'close to the night' environment.stressed, as shown in this site.

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