Human body animation was created by E-spaces for the film that was shown in February 2001 in USA and Canada. It was dedicated to the medicine of the Future and this reel demonstrates its (future) capabilities. The movie represents invention, which most probably will appear hereafter - full body 3D scanner. The idea is to scan human body and view its physical state and internal.

The procedure of scanning is entirely shown in this reel. You see a man staying on the special low platform of this scanner. As soon as scanning rays are going up the human body is converted into the data structure. At first inside the data body the nerve system appears. You can distinguish some small motions of light intensity along nerves. After the nerve system fades out, blood system appears and after - air system including mouth, larynx and lungs. Scanning accompanies with an appropriate visual effects - shining, laser rays, sound of the servomechanisms. Such scanning would be the great help in diagnostics and our movie gives a demonstration of this idea.

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