Ecoclub is the first big area of the Mucha Más Vida, global portal devoted to the nature. It is a separate huge community created for children to help young virtual travelers to study our planet and its nature. The main feature and objective of Ecoclub is its life contents, permanently and easily updating. The designers of E-Spaces created necessary interface tools to allow the customer to update and maintain the contents and services: news, advertising banners and corresponding links, special promotions, voting system, activities and entertainment sub area.

In activities sub area children will know a lot of interesting. They have access to a set of resources and information that motivate children to read, to talk to each other, to tell and to propose trips to natural spaces. The children can publish their experiences at school regarding nature issues, read about best books, movies, CDs, video games and sites concerning the nature. They can tell about the history of their cities and towns and what do they do to improve life quality in cities. On special Eco-forum children can express their opinion and know the others ones.

Entertainment sub area is a space that offers a series of games on-line, all of them concern the nature. The names of best players are published on the special page, and a player who gets the biggest number of scopes receives a title of ECO-Champion. It is the first project of E-Spaces where Shockwave flash games are met. The original scenarios of these games were worked out taking into account its educational aspect: to succeed in them you need to study definite questions re nature, for example, animals places of residence, meteorological rules, etc. By creating games (as well as the whole Ecoclub) our artists used "children" style that makes it more attractive and popular among children.

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