Mucha Más Vida Nature always amazing and of great people interest is a central theme of our next three projects. All of them are the parts of a global portal devoted to the nature. Mucha Más Vida (or Much More Life) was created to organize huge on-line community for numerous nature lovers of all ages and places of residence. Mixed educational and entertainment aspects of the portal allow a lot of activities: you can play games that required knowledge of nature questions, publish your experience regarding the nature, study different issues of Biology, Geology, Veterinary, Botanic and Gardening, etc. and many others.
MuchaMasVida Nature's, Spain - June 1, 2001

Ecoclub is the first big area of the Mucha Mas Vida, global portal devoted to the nature. It is a separate huge community created for children to help young virtual travelers to study our planet and its nature. The main feature and objective of Ecoclub is its life contents, permanently and easily updating. The designers of E-Spaces created necessary interface tools to allow the customer to update and maintain the contents and services: news, advertising banners and corresponding links, special promotions, voting system, activities and entertainment sub area.

Virtual classroom
MuchaMasVida Nature's, Spain - June 1, 2001

Virtual Classroom is an education area of Mucha Mas Vida portal. The site is focused on all lovers of nature without restrictions of age and place of residence. Virtual Classroom is a place to study that has all benefits of the new technologies: nature lovers can find associates and enjoy studying and discussing of the nature subjects through Internet. This virtual space dedicates to edutainment, an education programs, generated from the mixture of pedagogical objectives and channels of entertainment. Those educational activities are created in relation with events and exhibitions of the different museums, universities, scientific institutions and parks.

"Nature's Friends" Community
MuchaMasVida Nature's, Spain - June 1, 2001

"Nature's Friends" Community is a so-called communication center of Mucha Mas Vida portal, a place where friends of the nature can associate with each other. This community welcomes everybody who loves nature and gives them a lot of modern possibilities of communication in Internet. For usual communication it is foreseen a real-time text chat. The community pager is a new interesting feature, when members of community can send instant messages to their friends, without being at the same place. To express their opinion members can take part in the voting with immediately posted results that can be used for the community development as well as market research