"Nature's Friends" Community is a so-called communication center of Mucha Más Vida portal, a place where friends of the nature can associate with each other. This community welcomes everybody who loves nature and gives them a lot of modern possibilities of communication in Internet. For usual communication it is foreseen a real-time text chat. The community pager is a new interesting feature, when members of community can send instant messages to their friends, without being at the same place. To express their opinion members can take part in the voting with immediately posted results that can be used for the community development as well as market research.

Each member can maintain his own list of friends, where he or she can add every member of community. Announcement board is a tool that helps users to communicate with each other in the remote mode: any member of community is able to post a message there that is useful for example for organization of users meetings.

Moreover it is foreseen the plotsteading, the possibility to create own virtual club or home for every member of "Nature's Friends" Community. Club is actually personal community space with special forum board, where an owner or a guest of the club can create a message visiting the club. The home of any member (complete with its own URL) acts as their personal communication center on the web within which they can invite their friends, family and other groups. Many present community members can also attach this URL to their email messages, which has the effect of promoting both the users' private home and the community URL. To give individuality homeowners can modify interior and appearance of their home by their own wish.

The whole community was developed on Flash technology and designed in comic style: drawn characters and worlds give the virtual community special atmosphere and create unique mood. Join us in "Nature's Friends" Community on http://www.muchamasvida.com!

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