The Virtual Town Hall of Aalburg is a first step in a programme by the Dutch governemtn called OverheidsLoket 2000 (OL2000), 'Government counter 2000'. It's aim is to offer citizens a highly user-friendly interface to networked information systems giving access to municipal services such as housing, public transport, public health service and assistance, etc.

A first version was created for use on special OL2000 system terminals featuring a pre-rendered 3D graphics environment.

The Virtual Town Hall of Aalburg is a 3D entry or 'menu', if you like, to the more conventional 2D contents of the information system.

This eye-pleasing high-quality 3D world features a video representation of the Mayor of Aalburg inside the virtual Town Hall. He kindly explains the user the different ways in which s/he can find various items of information relating to the town of Aalburg.

To review 3D world you need software from Blaxxun Interactive.

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