We delivered this project, including associated HTML pages, to the City Council of Antwerp, Belgium on June 29, 1997. Antwerp, the 2nd largest port of Europe, very recently acquired the status of port of call for cruise ships. They cruise ship docking site is very close to the old and picturesque city center. We created a promotional 3D experience/guided tour high-lighting Antwerp's new status.

We recreated a whole river bank of the city, one of its best known streets, its cathedral and the whole of its 'Grote Markt' (Main Square) in VRML 2.0. Technologically, an interesting feature is the embedded '3D guided tour engine' which we programmed in JavaScript.

This whole application actually represents a -albeit minor- historic first: it is the first time a city uses televirtuality to actively promote and allow netsurfers to experience -part of- itself as a touristical destination for cruise ships. The project was realized from start to finish in less than two calendar months. At the time that we started, WorldView was the best platform. That's why it's optimized for WorldView... We may retune it for other, newly dominant platforms later on.

The URL to start from is

Antwerp Municipal
Port Authority
City Council of Antwerp Telepolis

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