We made this demo to impress upon an executive of a large Spanish IT-shop how graphically and experientally rich as well as intuitive and user-friendly a 3D on-line bank could be made to be. This company had this big database-cum-electronic-transactions system that they were keen to peddle to banks in Spain and beyond. The executive was suitable impressed, but apparently their target customers apparently found the package deal -which would include our 3D interface work- to be too heterogenous or something...

Innovative ideas of our own demonstrated in this piece of work included: making the user start their experience right in the middle of things rather than have them come into the bank from outside (as was the dominant paradigm of that moment as shown in comparable personal banking interfaces like the one from the late Worlds, Inc.); a circular lay-out of services allowing the user to access all of these with minimal distance to cover or navigation to do; a personal parlour where a banking counselor could have a secure multi-user avatar-to-avatar tete-a-tete with his customer, with all the customers' vital banking data viewable at a glance; and a stockmarket ticker-tape embedded inside the 3D space.

Realised in Virtual Home Space Builder.

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