This project was realized in the context of the large scale 'Citizens First' community action executed by the European Commission Directorate General XV ( = a top level department of the 'European Government').

The present project is the first phase -of two so far- of the 3D 'Citizens' Plaza' project. The presently on-line version was realized on the Viscape platform. All of the 19 incarnations which are on-line at the moment are single-user spaces. They guide users through the mountain of 'Citizens First' on-line information available to them. Producing the 19 different versions -featuring studio-recorded speech audio by native speakers in (all) different European languages - was a huge organizational challenge, especially considering the very tight deadline involved.

The application features a friendly -and in our opinion not unattractive- talking female guide character who is internally affectionately known as 'Eva' -- she's the first -virtual- women we 'created'. The next version, currently still due on-line on Sept. 29, will be a visually further enriched, multi-user 3D chat space with added functionality notably including a 30's style "Extra Extra Read all about it" shouting News Boy.


If you want to appreciate the whole context, you could start a few levels up at: .

BTW, there is no signature nor any credits on this piece of work referring to us. The Commission doesn't allow it...

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