If T&A always do it, the same goes for the spicy combination of b&b: bits & boobs. Interest guaranteed, especially if you consider the still dominant demographic of netsurfers.

Still, the concept worked out in this demo wants to rise above this and combine the best of both worlds to make for an e-commerce venue with mass appeal: interesting to women because of the ingenious way in which they would be able to virtually 'try on' the articles and see what they would look as they input their own measurements; compelling for men because, well -- guess why!

We think though that this type of 3D store front would work in ways interesting beyond this, shall we say, 'street-level' appeal. Real-world lingerie shops present a threshold too high for many men who might be interested to go in and purchase a gift for their ladies. The anonymity possible with a virtual on-line version of such a shop should prove highly threshold-abolishing in this respect...

We made this demo because we are convinced it would be a virtually guaranteed way to record-breaking site-attendance and sales for the lingerie company that opts for this approach. So far though, we haven't yet found one with enough vision and guts.

Realized in 3D Studio and partially transfered to Superscape/Viscape.

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