The Ipopcorn Venues project done by E-spaces is a set of 3D worlds for internet community presented by ipopcorn Korea Inc. where people could walk, interact and socialize. Several worlds were designed as buildings that surround a plaza which connects all the worlds together.

Every building on the plaza was designed in different way keeping the style with the purpose of each building (note: by clicking on name of world you will be able to explore the single user version of the worlds)

Bar - place for informal chat
Cafe - place to meet someone new, somewhat more formal
Gamezone - where people can talk about video games, sports, and other hobbies
Gallery - where people can chat about culture, arts, literature, etc.
Club - place for 'communities inside the community' where people sharing similar interests can meet ant talk
House - people in the community will be able to rent, buy or even build houses, this is the design for standart house

New advanced technology allowed E-spaces to reduce each world's size to 100Kb and plaza's size to 150Kb thus making access to the worlds for guests as fast and easy as possible.

You can visit Ipopcorn Venues at Note that it is currently available in korean language only.

To review 3D world you need software from Blaxxun Interactive.



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