This project was developed in order to add some spectacular 'glitz' to the opening of a very large new building complex. It concerns a new facility for companies involved in graphical and visual IT technologies. These are housed in a huge defunct military barracks complex -named 'Major Blairon'- that had been renovated by the middle of June. In official opening of this new complex the former Minister-President of Flanders, Luc Van den Brande, participated personally in the presence of ministers, parlementarians etc.
Some kind of "virtual ceremony" was created by using VRML technology. Photorealistc avatar of Luc Van den Brande had been animated and walked through the whole complex watching by different cameras to provide impression like we can get from usual TV-report. However apart from TV-show virtual cameras could be easily moved along special pathes providing non-stop flights from the bird-view position through row of interiors of different buildings. This was helpful to create magestic impression of being free to move everywhere what can't be simply solved by traditional TV methods.
Contemporary state of VRML opportunities allowed to create quite realistic interiors with work desks, computers, stairs and other elements.

To review 3D world you need software from Blaxxun Interactive.