KMBCex project is one more step in development of ability VRML technology to serve people. It is the renovated version KMBC, the virtual model of large new building complex in Turnhout. E-spaces updated the project of last year, according to the new architectural plans. KMBCex was created to provide customer with promotional and marketing tool for this estate and first demonstration of this virtual model occurred at a fair in Dortmund on the 29th of March.

The model of this new building complex is aimed to acquaint people with its constructions and view them from different positions. By applying their experience in VRML technology developers of E-spaces tried to do all for creation a complete picture of it in your minds and demonstration of the building complex to the best advantage. And it was in their power to create the model looking as realistic as possible.

You can observe this complex using, for example, non-stop flight of camera: at first, camera flies outdoor demonstrating different virtual objects (buildings, inner square, garden, glass construction), lately it goes to building's entrance and demonstrates the interior - stairs, windows, seminar room with tables and computers. To watch in detail all constructions you can also walk around the virtual model independently or look with different cameras (including the bird-view position).

We hope you will get impression like if you are there.

To review 3D world you need software from Blaxxun Interactive.

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