Situated on the beautiful bank of the Finland Bay, Lenexpo is the largest exhibition center of St.-Petersburg, Russia. You can visit many exhibitions on the widest variety of topics there: from computers to the baking of bread & pastry. We created an online Virtual Reality rendition of the center in order to promote & advertise it and its exhibitions on the Internet. The online experience allows visitors to explore all the pavilions of the Lenexpo center and attend the exhibitions being held at Lenexpo at present: stroll through the exhibition halls, examine posters, photos, models etc. Further information about all exhibiting companies is available on associated HTML pages. Our customer's goal is to give online visitors the feeling of a real visit to the Lenexpo exhibition center.

This project is optimized for WorldView 2.0 and CosmoPlayer 2.0.

We would like to draw your special attention to the huge pavilion windows. With the nice 'transparency' option on in CosmoPlayer, they are a particular feature to feast your eyes on...

The URL to start from is:

Watch this space! -- This is a dynamic, ever-changing 3D space: the virtual exhibitions are changing in concert with the real ones in the physical world as they happen.

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