The progress gives us a huge amount of new possibilities in all scopes of human activity and Educ@ble is a step in developing one of them. Our new project, Internet virtual community, is a special instrument realizing the modern method of children education. The customer, Madrid cable TV operator, has for the object to enter the school market thanks to this project. It is only the first phase of a big plan that foresees expanding of school activities and creation of school information society.

Educ@ble focuses in schools and consists in a platform for children education form 4 to 12 age old that permits teachers to develop new educational and pedagogical models in Internet.

An open infrastructure of community permits a wide set of activities for pupils and their teachers (and parents too) that allows apprenticeship (practices, collaborative group education etc.) and entertainment at the same time. Teachers can publish educational contents for the learners in the web site; children can study, communicate, play developing games, compete with each other, publish an electronic newspaper and do other activities.

The 3D world of Educ@ble virtual community represents a region of Madrid and you can easily recognize its buildings and nature. However taking into account that the community is children-oriented, all its objects were created in specailly developed cartoon style: nice-looking and funny.

On entering the site you are greeted by cartoon character that will accompany and help you during visit the site. An avatar which appearance you can choose to your discretion will represent you in the community. For the first time E-spaces designers used special (self-developed) technology of avatar creation where "bent" parts of body were created not by cutting, but by bending. Now to achieve evenness and realistic view of avatar gestures and movement became easier and faster.

If you are interested in Educ@ble project, visit the school virtual community here.

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