MILENA was one of the world's very first Internet-based 3D chat environments. Launched in October 1995, MILENA enabled users to text-chat in real time while navigating four 3D spaces inspired by the nightlife of Madrid.

In an alternative version produced for the electronic art festival Art Futura '95, visitors could explore a virtual art-gallery featuring an exhibition by Spanish art collective 'Libres Para Siempre' and leave comments and messages about the paintings.

MILENA is an-house experimental multi-user virtual world system developed on and off over the 1995 year to try and identify some of the issues that are important for constructing cyberspace on the Internet. While neither complete nor robust, it contains some interesting features and has paved the way to more advanced projects.

Tandem Computers Inc. bought the project, and agreed to make the client, server and source code freely available via this website in order to encourage debate and development of on-line worlds.

In the interests of advancing the hot debate over the way virtual worlds on the Internet should be implemented, E-spaces and Tandem offered this project and its source code to the community. You are free to download the client and check out our demo world, or to study, recompile and customize the source code. A mailing list (in digest form) will be available should you wish to discuss the issues raised. We have written an introductory essay to start the debate. A full description of how the program is structured is also on this site.

We make no guarantees about Milena, it was intended as an experiment rather than a commercial application. However we think the approach taken differs enough from the current VRML spec to be able to contribute some useful ideas to the community at large.

Milena uses Criterion Software's Renderware, an excellent multi-platform 3D rendering library. We would like to thank Criterion for their support with this project, and their permission to use Renderware in the freely distributable version of Milena.

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