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Movies are one of an expressive part of our work. If you want to see the movies created by E-Spaces just download them from this page.



3D animations for "Machines Alive" 1998
Power of the Gods
Movie (Avi,2.46 MB)
Melting Utopia
Movie (Avi,6.41 MB)
Movie(Mpg,2.93 MB)
Micron Assembles Micron
Movie (Mpg,11.8 MB)
Nanotube Tip
Movie (Avi,3.77 MB)
Manipulating Atoms
Movie (Mpg,1.54 MB)
Atom Corrals
Movie (Mpg,3.16 MB)
Rotary Assembler
Movie (Mpg,4 MB)
Movie (Avi,1.96 MB)
3D visualization for "Xscape" 1999
Movie (Avi,12.4 MB)
Indoor skiing
Movie (Avi,11.7 MB)
Up and out
Movie (Avi,24.4 MB)
Establishing shot
Movie (Avi,24.4 MB)
Up to the escalators
Movie (Avi,25.4 MB)


3D animations for "Technocalyps" 1999
Evolution from Ape to Noosphere
Movie (Avi,12.4 MB)
Nanorobots working in a blood vessel
Movie (Avi,11.7 MB)
Big bang to "Intelligent" Universe
Movie (Avi,24.4 MB)
Movie (Avi,14.4 MB)
Electr(on)ic Gaia
Movie (Avi,25.4 MB)
Evolution tree of Teilhard de Chardin
Movie (Avi,13.9 MB)
Architectural VisualisationVirtual Aalburg 1999
Page with rendered images
Virtual Aalburg 1997
Page with rendered images
Human Body Animation
Movie (Avi,3.7 MB)




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