This nice boat was old Scottish trawler once but after converting it was turned into such splendid yacht "M/Y CHOICE" and now it is the ideal place for over than 100 people at corporate entertainment, cocktail parties and any event that requires an unforgettable venue.

You can get a clear idea how it looks like with the help of site done by E-Spaces.

This site was created with the goal to provide promotion of M/Y CHOICE. To give more emotions and reality E-spaces created also 3D model of the yacht so visitors can appreciate it at its true value. All details (ladder, desk of larch and oak timbers, etc.) are easily distinguished on the 3D model. There are two versions of the site: "no-flash" (simple) and "flash" (with different trick effects). The second one is more spectacular and if you have enough advanced browser and good connection we advise you to load this version and enjoy its feats: arriving or sailing away yacht, bubbles, etc.

The experience of E-spaces in graphic technologies allows us to invent various winning effects and here it is one of them. To let you to compare the old version of the boat with the new one we put two pictures to the site: the first one is a photo of the old trawler and the second is a photo with the same scenery but instead of the trawler (that was cut out) the picture of the yacht (made with its 3D model) was inserted.

We invite you to visit M/Y choice site


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