An online virtual reality model of the Flanders Language Valley campus was created for FLV Telecom, a daughter company of Lernhout & Hauspie, by E-spaces to celebrate the inauguration of the campus on November 11, 1999.

The virtual world shows the FLV campus as if it were located on an island at sea. It is a methaphoric visualization of the whole SailWorld concept: a virtual world filled with islands each corresponding to a phyiscal counterpart. This metaphor allows to combine different real places into one virtual world without any connection problems. The virtual FLV campus is but the first island in this large-scale project.

Virtual visitors get a great sense of a bright sunny day at the FLV campus. One can walk around the central buildings, then along the spiraling path between two rows of modules, all the way to the picturesque fountain.

In the future visitors will be able to enter the buildings interiors, receive a wealth of information about the campus, and meet with and talk to other visitors in multi-user mode.

Thumbnails to screenshots of this virtual world are on the right and you can access the virtual walkthrough of the FLV campus itself here.


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