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The SimsalaGrimm™ destination is the online part of the promotional efforts supporting the recent release on European broadcast TV -in cell-animation cartoon format- of 24 of the well-known Grimm Brothers' fairy tales.

Is is a unique virtual environment that provides its users with a chat opportunity, on-line games and entertainments as well as information background. The main goal of E-spaces was keeping the spirit of fairy tale world already existing in cartoon series. Accurately stylized graphic elements, simple but expressive character animation, thorough care about interface features helped to reach that goal.

In a graphically lush cartoon-style, this extensive and richly detailed 3D community-world, is themed through and through after the world-famous fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Primarily aimed at children up to 14 yrs. old... and all those who love to immerse themselves once more in the fairy tale worlds of their childhood.Aimed at children between up to age 14, the multi-user community features an extensive set of integrated 3D fairy-tale themed environments, all realized in a visually gorgeous, non-realistic, cartoon-style closely paralleling that of the TV cartoon series. These include a medieval town inside a large moated castle; a magic forest; a tower library; a spooky forest; the house of Hansel & Gretel (interior & exterior) etc. This entire fairy-tale world is brought to life through the inclusion of many small details, many of which have more or less complex animations or interactivities designed into them. These include waterfalls, windblown wheatfields, an ambling giant, a ferry-man, a fountain, windmills, a watermill, singing birds etc. The SimsalaGrimm world also features its own dedicated set of themed avatars, complete with avatar-specific sets of expressive gestures.

Children are to explore and study it. Walkthrough Simsala world is a game. But this is an important game. Actually children are able to experience the same methods of world exploration that they will use for reality.

It is easy for children to become familiar with the Simsala world because it includes a very well known content. All visitors get a possibility not only to watch their favorite characters on TV screen, but to interact with them - play games, talk etc. Cartoons become alive thanks to contemporary Internet technologies. What can be more exciting for a child than to meet a fairy tale character as if he were real?

Special efforts of E-spaces were aimed to make the virtual environment kind. It is a very friendly world. It is so because of unique world rules, visitor's rights and responsibilities bound carefully in an integral system. This world suggests everybody to show himself from the better side and everything in it helps to do so. There are no places or games where aggression is appropriate. What SimsalaGrimm™ is trying to bring up is wit, inquisitiveness, and openness to others, insistence in achievement of a goal.

The best experiences in area of on-line community creation were used to get SimsalaGrimm™ on-line. Now it welcomes everybody who wants to plunge into the wonderful world of Brothers Grimm stories.




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A number of 3D worlds made according to cartoon's backgrounds are most impressive part of SimsalaGrimm™ site. Visitors have opportunity to get impression of being right inside the cartoon that looks and feels like real drawing. Every 3D object is made in way to keep its appearance as if a paintbrush and colours created it. At any time and at any visual angle world around you looks like a piece of painting. This technology is a know-how created inside of E-spaces.


"The Library". This is the entry world - the big round room in a castle tower with torches on the walls and ancient shelves. Books that look like medieval folios suggest that you learn more about every of 26 Grimm stories. Click on a book and characters of the story will appear surrounded by a cloud of magic dust. You are welcomed by Yoyo and Doc Croc made in 3D but looking from any point of view like a flat character. Watch around and try everything you see - magic map which can bring you to any place of Simsala Land, magic mirror that can being asked reveal some its secrets, medieval globe. Yoyo and Doc Croc will follow you and try to help.
"Market place". You are in the inner yard of a castle. Walls and towers guard the big square with a number of shops and hawker's stands. Trade is what you can do here. But not only trade. Walk around. And you will find wonderful cosy nooks - Princess' Garden, Fountain Square, Monument and other.
"Simsala Land". "Simsala Land". It is not possible to describe all things that fill the castle environment - water mill and wind mills, singing birds flying from one tree to another, waterfall and waving wheat field and so on and so on. You can meet a Ferryman sailing on a boat or a Little Giant walking around. You can find an arrow sign showing to the sky and get a magic flight as if you were a bird. Discover this world yourself and you will not be disappointed.
"Forest". A lot of nice landscapes can be revealed on the every step. Light, airy forest created in beige will be slightly changed by vivid green groves along the river coasts. On the next turn you will get right into the dark, ugly thicket. But then a walkway will lead you back to the sun. Nice place to have a chat with friend or play games.
Visit other worlds. It is much better than to read about them. Go and see Mother Goat or Hansel and Gretel.Enjoy.



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Simsala on-line is a fairy-tale world designed for children. And what could be more compelling to children than games? Games in Simsala on-line are not just simple games thrown in to add a value to website – they are integral part of worlds and take place in the same fairy tale environment. For instance, imagine you have examined just about every corner of Simsala Land world and you think you have seen all in it, but start a Treasure Hunt game and you will see that there is more in this world that it seemed before hidden just about behind everything. Simple enough but poetic hints lead you to locations of small pieces of map that will finally reveal the place where valued prize awaits the smartest. Or, tired of walking through the windy roads of forests of Simsala, you happen to walk into a bow shooting range, where you can practice your skills of real-time interaction with the 3d environment. And all this not leaving the beautiful worlds of Simsala on-line! What comes to mind first when we say 'game'? Of course, Simsala on-line wouldn't be complete without an old yet never boring puzzle, but in this case one can make Simsala worlds yourself in the form of traditional puzzle presented by advanced internet technology.

To review 3D world you need software from Blaxxun Interactive.







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