Now here's a space with quite a story to it. This world started life as 'InfoCalle', which is Spanish for 'InfoStreet'. It was originally made in the context of negotiations with the R&D department of Telefonica, Spain's national telco.

The whole idea was to create a space that would promote, introduce, make more attractive and facilitate the access to Telefonica's Internet gateway: InfoVia. That's why the more observant among you will notice the Spanish feel to this space: all the building fronts are based on existing buildings of Madrid. There's even a full recreation in there of Telefonica's tower-building on Madrid's Gran Via.

Anyway, those negotiations were going so well and all involved were so certain that the project would be commissioned that we didn't think twice about already going ahead and starting production. Wrong. We lived to regret it, of course, but luckily for us, we were able to recoup our loss relatively soon as Tandem Computer's Director of Strategy at Tandem's HQ in Cupertino saw InfoCalle, fell absolutely in love with it -rightly so, of course- and commissioned us with a conversion of it to fit Tandem's purposes: i.e. an integrated demonstration showing a variety of 3D fronts for various businesses.

Basically, this was CyberTown revisited, but done over with much more experience, flair... as well as with a real artist working among us.

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