Flanders Technology International is building Flanders first interactive center for science and technology. E-spaces created a VRML model of the building as it is going to be built.

The VRML model allows visitors of the F.T.I. website to take a virtual tour around the future building. An "appreciation flight" offers users a visit around the 3D-building, as were they seated in a helicopter.

The colour of the cone-tower in front of the building can be changed by users according to their taste. If you click on the cone, an RGB circle will appear. Users can change the colour by moving the arrow.This feature was included for use during the design-phase of the building: decision-makers could very easily see what the effect on the visibility of the tower -and therefore also the ‘landmark’-function of the cone- was when the colour of the cone changed.

The opening of this brand-new science center is to be expected in fall '99. The target-audience of Technopolis is in fact everyone, but with special attention for those people that have no prior interest in science and technology. The image, the atmosphere, the decors and the design will all contribute to the attractiveness of the center. In an organic landscape the visitors will be able to recognize elements from their daily life such as e.g. a house, a car or a plane. These elements should function as points of orientation for the visitors of the center.

At http://www.stichting.fti.be/fti/main.htm?doc=82&mode=full you can take the virtual tour around the building. If you are interested in what you can see on the Technopolis construction site you can look at webcam images, which are refreshed hourly.


Technopolis (VRML 2.0)

To review 3D world you need software from Blaxxun Interactive.

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