The TELETIENDA (Teleshop) is a project for the Spanish national telco Telefónica, a part of their Telespacio (Telespace) campaign, which has been created to reinforce the Telespacio campaign through the medium of the Internet (and its Spanish little sister Infovía).

The Teletienda is a literal 3D reproduction created with the use of Macromedia Director and Shockwave technology of one of Telefonica's physical shops, and it features all the contents of the real thing. So for instance, clicking on an interactive video system brings up a video window where you can choose the video sequences in the same way as you can do this in the real street-side Telespacio shop. Clicking on a product such as a fax machine brings up the web page with the description of that product. The user is guided through the shop by the Telespacio mascot, a floating/flying, talking red exclamation mark.

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