In the winter of '96-'97 a polar expedition was organized by Tandem One Step Beyond. It was sponsored by Tandem Computers and UNESCO. Its aim was to promote global co-operation through an expedition to Antarctica, celebrating 50 years of UNESCO.

On the 11th December 1996 polar explorers Robert Swan, Crispin Day and Geoff Somers set out from the South Pole on a pioneering journey. On 16th January 1997, Robert joined 35 Young Explorers. Drawn from 25 nations across the globe, the Young Explorers transcended cultural divides and worked together to preserve the fragile Antarctic environment; the last great wilderness on earth.

Throughout the expedition E-spaces busily produced, updated and enlarged the website devoted to this journey. On this website anyone interested could participate in on-line discussion-groups; see portraits of young explorers; photo-archives; read the diary of the expedition, etc. The site features many pretty & 'cute' cartoon-like animations: mostly penguins in this case.

This website was short-lived by design. But we keep a demonstration version of it here. It shows you the site as it was towards the end of the project.

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