Evolution from Ape to Noosphere

What is way we pass from the Ape to the Homo Sapiens and where we are going? This short secuence illustrates the prediction. Electronic communication will take more space in human life. More smart things will move a human to the machine state. And soon the whole Universe will be pierced by communications.

Nanorobots working in a blood vessel

Nanotechnology promises us a lot of wonderful things. One of area where nanotechnology can be successfully used is medicine. This sequence demonstrates how nanorobot works in human blood vessel. It can remove viruses and clean up the arteries so accurately how it is hardly doablewith current technology.

Big Bang to 'Intelligent' Universe

The story of Universe began from the Big Bang. At least this idea is looking most truly. The next important stage is appearing of human intellect on the Earth - small blue ball between stars. But the Earth isn't eternal. What's next? The humanity will need to leave its cardle as soona as the Sun blows up. The Universe is awaiting us. Look on these events as if the time were collapsed.

Da Vinci to global internet

Well-known symbols find its new reading today. Everybody knows the old drawing of genius Da Vinchi. It is so wonderful that its new interpretations continuosly appear so far. Look another one in this sequence. There is no need for any comments.

Electr(on)ic Gaia

Contemporary communication tools like TV, phone, Internet becomes more an more complex every day. But what they are? Just systems to move a signals from one point of the planet surface to another. What we know as a prototype? It's the human brain. Watch this sequence and you will lose last doubts.

Evolution tree of Teilhard de Chardin

This sequence represetates the Evolution Tree of Teilhard de Chardin. But not only. Everybody knows the theory of human evolution from the first amoeba till presence state. The finish point is human intellect. But what we will see if we extrapolate it up? Probably the next step of evolution is developing of joint intellectof the whole humanity. Check out how does it look in 3D computer animation.

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