Visitors of CeBIT 2000 had opportunity of examining unusual flat being built in German town. Its special equipment will allow controlling and managing all home appliances via electric wires embedded in the walls. The demonstration of this interesting flat became possible because of Virtual Demo House project created by E-spaces. Its developers by applying all their skills and experience did everything in their power to give possibility of having a clear idea of this flat.

Using this virtual model you can easily stroll about the apartment and check its interactive apparatus. The location of rooms and furniture in virtual model are the same as in the real flat and only one detail is different - in the walls of virtual hall you can find the posters of firms participated in creation of the project.

So you can do different things as well as being in the real flat, for example, switch on TV, lamps or plug ip-phone into any socket. Please, use the map located at the foot of the screen for better orientation. To manage home appliances (lamps, TV, microwave oven etc.) you just click appropriate button of a device. And you will do it without any problems because in that moment a device will be seen as if through magnifying glass. On switching on any appliance the walls half-open and you see blinking lines - this is an information transferring in electric wires within the walls. As E-spaces aims to satisfy all customers' wishes, developers have reckoned with the possibility of monitoring real flat. Just switch on a virtual camera and you will see a scanning picture of a real room from any camera in this flat.

You can visit Virtual Demo House using URL below:

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