On Sunday, June 14 1998,  Europe Direct  was launched at the European Summit in Cardiff By Prime Minister Blair and Mr. Santer. To make all the services of this European initiative easily accessible, E-spaces has created a three-dimensional Europe on the Internet, Virtual Europe.

Visitors can walk around freely in a rich multi-user VRML environment to find the information they need on various topics (like e.g. studying or working in another country of the European Union) in the national zone of the country their choice. The information is mainly aimed at European citizens, but the environment can surely be highly appreciated by non-European citizens because all the information is offered in national kiosks which are surrounded by a beautiful scenery filled with flowers, trees, mountains ranges, … all matching the vegetation you would normally find on the locations in Europe. But, there is more to see than nature: in each of the national zones, visitors can admire a 3D representation of a well-known national monument of the country.

Virtual Europe does not only make information accessible in a very intuitive and user) friendly way, but it also make it possible –by using the Community Client software of Blaxxun– to have 250 user simultaneously present in the world. A user can see every other user and talk to them by means of text chat.

E-spaces and the EC even included games related to European topics. There is a 3D Puzzle where the user needs to put scaled models of the national monuments s/he can find throughout the Virtual Europe on the correct place on a map of Europe. But there are also other games like linking the correct flag or linking the correct number of inhabitants to a specific country.

You can visit Virtual Europe at http://europa.eu.int/citizens

By the way, there is no signature nor any credits on this piece of work itself referring to us. The Commission does not allow it...

To review 3D world you need software from Blaxxun Interactive.

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