The sequence represents logo of Xscape center with appropriate animation.

Indoor skiing

This sequence shows the snowslope itself. Two lifts will help you to move up where you will be able to turn round and start your slalom. Camera makes exactly this way. ColourFlow system projects animated cycle of color lights on the ceiling. Video footages with mountain skiiers are projected on the snow surface and walls.

Up and out

This is final sequence that brings onlookers back from the snowhall to the bird view. Virtual camera allows us to move through the roof directly.

Establishing shot

Establishing shot The first sequence represents the exterior of future center with parking lots and walk ways around. The single flight from a helicopter view will bring onlookers into the shop mall on the ground floor of building. This sequence give unique expierences to visit the center and estimate its appearance before it is completed. The shop mall is shown with day-light conditions.

Up to the escalators

The sequence demonstrates a short trip upstairs to the first floor. During this virtual walk onlookers are able to see changing of laigh conditions from day-light to night one. Globes, projections colored projectors create appropriate atmosphere and converts the shoping mall into dance pool.

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