Virtual Classroom is an education area of Mucha Más Vida portal. The site is focused on all lovers of nature without restrictions of age and place of residence. Virtual Classroom is a place to study that has all benefits of the new technologies: nature lovers can find associates and enjoy studying and discussing of the nature subjects through Internet. This virtual space dedicates to edutainment, an education programs, generated from the mixture of pedagogical objectives and channels of entertainment. Those educational activities are created in relation with events and exhibitions of the different museums, universities, scientific institutions and parks.

The content area of Virtual Classroom is divided into two parts - 3D window with virtual 3D environment and 2D info area. 3D scene of pictorial nature with small funny pieces of animations and interactivities gives visitors a feeling of "being there" - inside a nice piece of nature. Here content materials are shown in a comfortable way for visitors: for example, on special panels all kind of multimedia materials may be shown. A number of pavilions in the middle of nature environment represents access to the certain sub area of Virtual Classroom - edutainment activities, program "more life on the mother Earth" etc., every one with several courses divided per subjects. Here, as well as in other areas of Mucha Más Vida portal, the special interface allows to update contents with new materials and courses.

To win Virtual Classroom games you should know a lot of things regarding the nature. So enjoy the studying and playing in Virtual Classroom on!

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