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Did you ever dream to become an owner of the world? To make it as on your wish, to develop it, to stimulate people settled there to make the world more prosperous and better? Now you have the opportunity to be a member of a virtual community and if you succeed in its life you will get the chance to be the master of amazing virtual world. This is like game, but it is more than just a game. ICITY is a unique online application for various categories of users and it serves as conductor to a whole series of net resources. ICITY provides for possibilities of different activities such as communication, entertainments or shopping. Moreover ICITY was created as a part of Mediterranean Sea coast and its beautiful environment will make your activities more pleasant and interesting.

ICITY as a great virtual world has different architectural objects both invented and based on real prototypes. At first you get to the Tower from where you can see sights of the whole inland area of ICT and can be teleported to any part of it. The total size of ICITY area is about 3 square kilometers (scalable). You will see the famous Greek Arena, medieval Arab town Old Jaffa, Teleporting Globe and other constructions. Every of them has its own functions, for instance Old Jaffa and Kibbutz allows users to rent a virtual flat, Flea Market gives access to interface of trade and change of virtual objects (here you can obtain furniture for your virtual flat, house appliances, pets, plants, etc.), Night Clubs situated underground has the opportunity to show video and play music. Anyway simple virtual walk along the seaside, to the lake or hills will give you a pleasure.

ICITY is also of great interest and value because of its organization of network community. It has its own social structure, status hierarchy and mechanisms of its modification. This community is designed to handle large amounts of concurrent users: 400 to start with and scalable to numbers beyond 3000. Every user is represented by avatar and its appearance can be chosen at his/her own discretion between more then 30 characters. Every member of the community has own rank, and the more active and useful his activity for the virtual community, the more his rank (increased automatically). For example, to increase his rank you can organize a party or create a nice architectural object. In other words the social structure of the community takes into account the idea of self-organization of the system and stimulation users to the active virtual life.

Of course, the creation of ICITY demanded huge efforts and experience in programming and supporting the structure of network community but it was worthy of it. Now the project is in Beta testing stage. Join in the net community here http://www.icity.co.il !

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"Night-clubs District". The nightclub district will be realized as underground world. This is a best way to provide night light conditions for this place simultaneously with bright sunny day for the other world.
"Flea Market". This flea market combines the styles of the typical southern mediterranean open air market with that -for the interior area- of the arabian-style enclosed bazar. Here are some pictures giving an impression of these environments and their atmosphere.
"iCity - center." The whole world is supposed to be about 3 kilometres long. A good combination/compromise will be found between a size which feels big enough but which is still small enough that users will want to walk the distances rather than use teleportation.
From the point of view of technical solution there will be three separated scenes that will be reloaded as soon as user pass the edge of them.
There should be five different sections of the beach each with a distinctive name, activities and distinctive visual look & feel to each (one with high cliffs like England; a cafe-beach; an umbrella & beach chairs section etc). Wave-breakers will be used to separate beach sections.
"Personal home interiors"
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To review 3D world you need software from Blaxxun Interactive.

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